Sir Henry Rathskill


The proprietor and chief of Rathskill’s Adventurer’s League, Sir Henry Rathskill is a much honoured, though greatly mysterious man of arms. He is well-travelled and is often out in the world performing deeds only known to those who absolutely need to know.

The main barracks, training compound, and office of Sir Henry’s mercenary guild, and the home in which he stays for the longest period at a time, stand at the quieter end of the Middle District of the city of Launus Karrol. It is in this city that Sir Henry founded the League with the help of his partners, the other members of the legendary, “Revelling Delvers.” Sir Henry was one of the skilled swords of that band of heroes and fought in many of the greatest battles waged and for many of the greatest causes to arise within the last fifty years.

When in Launus Karrol Sir Henry can be found wandering the grounds of the League’s training compound, urging on and personally training the up-and-coming warriors and skilled adventurers of the day.

Sir Henry Rathskill

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